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DREAM HOUSE   For Ages 4 +

Dreamer returns  in this enchanting story about the magical inner life of his suburban home.  We also meet the Dreamer Family.......

Dreamer and the Rainbow Cat

One morning  Dreamer  awakens to a very  cold , wet and miserable day, so he must spend his time playing inside.   He wishes he had a friend  to play with.

As the rain starts to clear, a beautiful rainbow appears and a  rainbow- coloured cat  leaps into Dreamer's bedroom through the window.

Dreamer and the enchanting cat explore all the ways they can have fun indoors.  When night falls, the rainbow starts to fade.    How will the cat travel  home if the rainbow disappears?     

A celebration of  creativity, resourcefulness, love and sharing,Dreamer and the Rainbow Cat  is  a  story  about 2020.