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                        by Richard Hart - the original Dreamer Production, using black light puppetry

Who is Dreamer?


Dreamer is the first show in the series of wonderfully engaging, exquisitely produced and magical pieces of black light puppet theatre.  

In Dreamer's world, things are a bit like they are in ours, only they behave as though they are in a dream.  In this world, the Sun, Moon, even bottles, beds and chairs are alive and get up to all sorts of  mischief. It's a lot of fun to live in Dreamer's world, but sometimes you might find that the chair you want to sit on is a bit grumpy or decides to run off  and  play with other chairs when you want to sit down!

In this adventure  Dreamer travels while asleep in a magic bed.  One night his bed runs away and Dreamer sets off to find it again .  As he travels Dreamer experiences what the dream environment has to offer:   There is a row boat that rows through the stars;   fish serve as means of transport and the sun and moon fight for space in the sky.  Dreamer meets a  mischievous duck,   makes unusual friends and has great fun in his unpredictable world.

The performance uses black light and rod puppets within an enclosed booth. It is performed by one puppeteer  who wears black velvet to make him/her practically invisible.  The puppets and props glow under the black light, resulting in a magical and convincing illusion.  The story is told visually to wonderful music created especially for the Dreamer productions by John Grant, a Melbourne composer.


Dreamer is the name of an endearing little creature who lives in a different world to ours.  Dreamer is half animal and half human, very playful and childlike and can communicate with other creatures without speaking .

Dreamer is the main puppet character in all the DREAMER  shows. Gentle, brave, curious and resilient, Dreamer immediately appeals to the younger audiences.  They love to travel with Dreamer on wonderful journeys in a fantastic world of the imagaination.  All DREAMER shows are comedies and are non-threatening.  They have been performed very successfully to all ages from three years and up.